İran Sinema Günleri 02-05 Mayıs 2016


    İran Sinema Günleri 02-05 Mayıs 2016

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    İran Sinema Günleri, İstanbul Aydın Üniversitesi ve İran İslam Cumhuriyeti İstanbul Başkonsolosluğu Kültür Ateşeliği işbirliği ile 02-05 Mayıs 2016 tarihlerinde Başlıyor.

    - Uzun Yaz
    - Toprak ve Mercan
    - Azap
    - İade
    - Bir Küp Şeker
    - Kolay Gelsin
    - Resim Havuzu
    - Ay Yüzünden Öpmek

    Iranian Movies

    Uzun yaz / The Long summer

    Hassan is a child that his father going to verge of summer to the front. At the  first he was happy for this issue and he spent his time touring the village. he bring food for his old grandfather every day.

    Hassan with events that happens in the village gradually becomes familiar with the concept of death and martyrdom. After a while his father returned but again his turn back to front….


    Toprak ve Mercan / The Soil and Coral

    The story is about an afghan man who has lost his wife in an explosion by Taliban. He goes to Kabul with his two daughters for his eldest daughter's wedding. During the wedding a woman goes to kiss the bride and groom instead of bride's mother, then she leaves there but when she is calling her little son, the man recognize her voice and goes to find her. He finds out that the child was as a result of abduction. The man is in a struggle to accept his wife or not and the woman is in struggle to stay or not.

    A man has left his country when his wife was killed during the war. Now he must go back to Kabul for wedding of one of his daughters. Unwillingly he gets involved in an internal conflict..


    Azap / Bleeding heart

    Bleeding Heart is an absorbing death row drama revolving around the moral dilemmas of redemption and the unforgiving trauma of loss. When public defender Delaram is charged with taking on the case of Emad, it immediately puts a strain on her marriage to Hamid. With Emad awaiting execution for murdering his wife, Hamid cannot accept Delaram’s role in his defence, and their differences about the case ultimately cut right to the heart of gender roles in modern Iranian marriages. But as the case draws on, Delaram’s growing sympathy for the repentant Emad and her complex involvement with the family of Edam’s wife, draw her headlong into a much more complex problem of life and death.


    A general has been appointed during the Shah regime to carry large amount of golden from Russia to Iran back. There are also many conspirators who accompany him. A breathtaking story between Moscow and Tehran.


    Bir küp şeker /A cube of sugar

    Pasandide is to marry an American man and join him in his native country. Pasandide's family comes together for the wedding ceremony at the home of Uncle Ezzatolah. The women cook and sew; the young children play hide-and-seek; one uncle looks for missing treasure in the garden. All is well in the run-up to the wedding ceremony. But before the ceremony that will unite Pasandide and her fiancé in marriage gets underway, a single cube of sugar brings great misfortune to the family.


    Kolay Gelsin/Don’t Be Tired

    When Maryam returns to Iran for the first time since childhood, her adventure-seeking husband Roman whisks her on a road trip, much to her reluctance. Joined by ring leader Morteza and Maryam's cousin Hossein, an unlucky course of events soon forces them to stay at Miss Hakim's house. Once there, an unlikely bond begins to form between Maryam and Hossein, and what started out as a sightseeing tour becomes an unexpected personal journey which reignites her lust for for life.


    Resim Havuzu/Howze Naghashi

    Maryam (Negar Javaherian) and Reza (Shahab Hosseini) are different from other people, it's not just a simple difference, but a very big difference. They must try to prove to others they have solved the big difference with the miracle of love ...


    Ay yüzünden öpmek/Kissing the Moon

    Story of two old women Ehteramossadat and Forugh being closely related and neighbor for more than 40 years awaiting the return of their sons' body martyred at war 20 years ago and the self-sacrifice done by Ehteramossadat.

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