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    Ender Makineci, Beyza Sat Gungor and Meric Kumbasli

    Natural plant revegetation on reclaimed coal mine landscapes in Agacli-Istanbul

    [Abstract] [Full Article - PDF] pp. 3248-3259Ab

    Natural Plant Revegetation On Reclaimed Coal Mine Landscapes İn Agacli-Istanbul

    Ender Makineci1*, Beyza Sat Gungor2 and Meric Kumbasli3

    1Istanbul University, Faculty of Forestry, Soil Science and Ecology Department

    34473 Bahcekoy/Istanbul/Turkey.

    2 Istanbul Aydin University, Engineering and Architecture Faculty, Architecture Department, Inonu Cad. No:40, Kucukcekmece/Istanbul, Turkey.

    3Forest Entomology and Protection Department, Istanbul University, Faculty of Forestry, Forest Entomology and Protection 34473 Bahcekoy/Istanbul/Turkey.

    *Corresponding author. E-mail: emak@istanbul.edu.tr. Tel: +90-(212)-2261100, Ext: 25302. Fax: +90-(212)-2261113.

    Accepted 18 March, 2011


    In this study, natural vegetation development was compared on one abandoned open coal mine spoil and three reclaimed coal mine areas with umbrella pine-Pinus pinea L., maritime pine-Pinus pinaster Ait. and leguminous black locust-Robinia pseudoacacia L. in Agacli-Istanbul. Soil data of these sample areas were determined in previous studies. These properties demonstrate physically and nutritionally poor conditions and some rehabilitative effects after tree species were introduced. The plant species composition and total coverage for each species (vertical projection onto the ground) was estimated visually and recorded on each sample plot. Naturally revegetated plant species, species composition, Shannon-Wiener diversity index values, species richness, evenness, total abundance and their cover-abundance scales were evaluated by comparing each other. Generally, the best-represented species belong to Rosaceae in all investigated plots. Shannon diversity index and its components give the different results among sample plots. However, higher values were found on reclaimed sites. Highest Shannon diversity index (H') was found on the sample area reclaimed with maritime pine. Plant species richness (S) was highest under umbrella pine and plant species evenness (J') was highest on black locust sample plot. Despite the sample area reclaimed, black locust has the more fertile soil conditions, it has only the highest plant species evenness (J') value among areas.

    Key words: Coal mine, plant composition, reclamation, revegetation, species richness, species diversity


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